Festa Italiana 2020


June 26-28 at our new location Oaks Amusement Park. Festa 2021 is planned for June 25-27
Our 30th Anniversary
We are now focusing on 2021 and plan on hosting virtual presentations. Check back for more!

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September 19th, 10 am our first live virtual event from italy:

The presentation will be in English!


Guest speaker: Mario Dodici, Co-op President, live from Italy. A former Portland resident and U.S. citizen, Mario returned to his homeland and was elected President of the local co-op. For the past seven years, they have been reclaiming abandoned olive groves giving hope to local farmers. For the past three years, their olive oil has won prizes throughout the region.  


Marco's Cafe (a Festa Sponsor) is our featured Restaurant for this event.

Local restaurateur Peter Zych and CPA Dean Rothenfluch purchased both the business and building (Nelson Thomas Building, built in 1913) in 1989. They’ve maintained much of the menu and ambiance of the original Marco's. Peter decided to pursue other interests in 1995, and Dean and his wife Debra have run the restaurant ever since.


To this day, Marco’s remains a genuine ‘neighborhood café,’ providing a place for locals, neighbors, merchants, and visitors to enjoy a variety of thoughtfully sourced and prepared dishes in a cozy space.


How to order: Go to their website and order from their breakfast menu early in the morning  prior to the meeting. You can either pick it up or have it delivered for free (for orders of at least $15) through Grubhub.

Auction: Baskets are from our Sponsor Ransom Wine Co & Distillery. photos are of baskets that you may bid on until the end of the day September 20.  Min bid $50 grappa Basket and $70 for the Olive Oil Basket.


Raffle: We are also selling raffle tickets.




save this date!

September 19th, 10am our first live virtual event from italy:



2019/2020 vintage has arrived

We are selling Olive Oil from Liguria, Italy.  Order your Award Winning Olive Oil from Northern Italian Coop FRANTOIO OLEARIO. 

This is a fundraiser for Festa Italiana.





Festa Italiana events are cancelled for 2020 but we are having virtual events most likely monthly!

Dear Friends and Supporters:


On behalf of the Festa Italiana Association, its board and committee members, it is with deep regret that I must announce that we are cancelling the 2020 Festa Italiana.


Our Festa is a labor of love requiring us to ask much of our committee members, volunteers, sponsors, donors, and vendors. After careful consideration, our committee determined that it would be wrong to ask our friends and supporters to once again make the sacrifices necessary to put on our celebration when so

 many individuals and businesses in our local community are struggling.


More importantly, we determined that we could not, in good conscience, ask you to come join in our celebration when we could not ensure that we could do so safely. At times like this, we need to look out for one another and no celebration, no matter how beloved, is worth putting health and safety in jeopardy.


But please know this, the Festa Italiana will be back! We are hard at work planning for our 30th anniversary celebration next summer!


We are looking forward to moving the Festa Italiana to its new home at Oaks Park and celebrating with you for many years to come. Our committee is encouraged by your overwhelmingly positive and enthusiastic response to the move to Oaks Park and our family-oriented plans for revitalizing our celebration. Despite this temporary setback, the enthusiasm and passion of our committee is undiminished and we all look forward to making our 2021 Festa Italiana the best we’ve ever had.


 We are also exploring the possibility of a smaller festival some time later this summer or possibly in the springtime of 2021 if the circumstances allow. So please keep an eye on or Facebook page and website for more details.


As we move forward towards next summer, we can always use more folks to help on the committee. If you have a bit of time and some enthusiasm, we would love to have you come join us. We also welcome any donation you might be able to spare. We are a 501(c)(3) charitable organization, so your gift is tax deductible.


We appreciate your continued support and we look forward to having you all come to our 30th Anniversary celebration next summer.



 Edward L. Ferrero, President.



Sponsors and donations are needed for us to offer this event. If you would like to make a donation feel free to use the donation box on this page or email us at or mail to:
Festa Italiana Association Inc 
12740 Boones Ferry Rd.
Lake Oswego, OR  97035
If you use Amazon they will donate part of each purchase to us.  Just go to and earmark the Festa Italiana Association to receive the donation.  Once you do this remember to sign into and it will give us credit for each purchase.
Also the Fred Meyer rewards program can be linked to a donation to us.  You will not loose any points.
This site will be updated when we complete our planning.  A volunteer signup page will be added as soon as possible. Other Events will be added soon.
Thank you for your interest and support of Festa Italiana!

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 (a 501 c3 non profit org.)​​

If you make a donation please send us an email at with your contact information. Grazie


Fred Meyer offers Community Rewards to the Festa. Help us, you will not loose your rewards.




When you purchase on Amazon go to Earmark Festa Italiana Association Inc as your charity at the top of the page. The Festa will get credit for your purchases.

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